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In addition to the information contained within the Periodic Table of Elements, the following articles may be helpful if you are writing a report about an element or if you are making a model of an atom: - How to calculate the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in an atom of an element - How to make a model of an atom

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Iron has the chemical formula Fe from its Latin name, ferrum. Its atomic number is 26, and its molar mass is 55.845 grams per mole. It has a metallic gray color and is attracted to magnets. Iron is the second most-abundant metal on Earth. Iron is a reactive element and reacts with most acids.

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Iron is a metallic element found in certain minerals, in nearly all soils, and in mineral waters. Iron is required for life. It exists in all living species, ranging from bacteria to humans. It can be found primarily in blood and it is an essential constituent of hemoglobin, cytochrome, and other components of respiratory enzyme systems.

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The chemical formula for rust is Fe2O3.nH2O. The overall chemical equation for the formulation of rust is iron + water + oxygen = rust. Fe(OH)3 dehydrates to produce Fe2O3.nH2O(s) or rust.

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Fe is the chemical symbol of iron Chemical symbols are these days given 1-, 2- or 3-letter symbols based on some letters in their name or name in Latin.

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The pure iron does not rust.The impure iron(containing carbon and other impurities)rusts.The process of rusting is an electrochemical process.On the surface of iron ...

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General Chemistry is a free introductory textbook on chemistry. See the editorial for more information....

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Chemical elements listed by symbol The elements of the periodic table sorted by symbol. click on any element's name for further chemical properties, environmental data or health effects.. This list contains the 118 elements of chemistry.

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Ferrite, a ceramic-like material with magnetic properties that are useful in many types of electronic devices. Ferrites are hard, brittle, iron-containing, and generally gray or black and are polycrystalline—i.e., made up of a large number of small crystals. They are composed of iron oxide and one or more other metals in chemical combination.

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Iron(II) sulfate (British English: iron(II) sulphate) or ferrous sulfate denotes a range of salts with the formula Fe SO 4 ·xH 2 O. These compounds exist most commonly as the heptahydrate (x = 7) but are known for several values of x.The hydrated form is used medically to treat iron deficiency, and also for industrial applications.

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Copper, iron and aluminum metals all corrode over time loosing strength, lustre and electrical conductivity. The rusting of iron. Rusting is the corrosion of iron and readily occurs in the alloy steel. The formation of a reddish brown flakes which loosely adheres to the iron is called rust. Steel is an alloy made of iron and carbon. The carbon ...

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Chemical element: Iron (Fe) Metric System; ... From the Anglo-Saxon word iron or iren (the origin of the symbol Fe comes from the Latin word ferrum meaning iron). Possibly the word iron is derived from earlier words meaning holy metal because it was used to make the swords used in the Crusades.

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Iron definition, a ductile, malleable, silver-white metallic element, scarcely known in a pure condition, but much used in its crude or impure carbon-containing forms for making tools, implements, machinery, etc. Symbol: Fe; atomic weight: 55.847; atomic number: 26; specific gravity: 7.86 at 20°C. See more.

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Ferrous sulfate, also known as iron (II) sulfate, is an inorganic salt that is used as precursor to obtain iron compounds. This salt was used in the Middle Age as copperas and green vitriol. Formula and structure: The ferrous sulfate chemical formula is FeSO 4. Generally, the ferrous sulfate is ...

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Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Iron(III) ion, 20074-52-6.

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The chemical properties of iron impart to it numerous qualities that make it suitable for some purposes, while unsuitable for several others. Chemical Properties. The electronic configuration of iron - the element, is [Ar]4s 2 3d 6, and it has a total of 14 known isotopes. Iron is the 4th most abundant element in the Earth's crust, and it is an ...

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The chemical elements sorted by symbol in an alphabetical order. You can click on the column header to sort the table by that column. Click on an element symbol to get detailed facts about the element.

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Dalton published these ideas himself in the following year in the New System of Chemical Philosophy. The symbol used by Dalton for iron is shown below. [See History of Chemistry, Sir Edward Thorpe, volume 1, Watts & Co, London, 1914.]

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122 · In relation to the chemical elements, a symbol is a code for a chemical element. Symbols …

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The chemical equation for the formation of rust is: Iron + Water + Oxygen = Rust i.e. 4 Fe(s) + 6 H2O(l) + 3 O2(g) → 4 Fe(OH)3(s) Then Fe(OH)3 dehydrates to produce Fe2O3.nH2O(s). Thereby, the chemical formula for rust is Fe2O3.nH2O.

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Symbol Group 3 Period Number Block State at. STP Occurrence Description 1 Hydrogen H 1 1 s ... Iron Fe 8 4 d Solid Primordial Transition metal 27 Cobalt Co 9 4 d Solid Primordial ... Chemical sym Name Origin of symbol Atomic No. Atomic mass Density (near r.t.) Melting point Boiling point Year of discovery

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Discovery Date: Ancient Times Name: Iron derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon 'iren'. The element symbol, Fe, was shortened from the Latin word 'ferrum' meaning 'firmness'. History: Ancient Egyptian iron objects have been dated to around 3500 B.C. These objects also contain approximately 8% nickel showing the iron may have originally been part of a meteorite.

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Iron is represented as Fe and has an atomic number of 26. Know the physical and chemical properties, density, boiling and melting point, along with the uses of Iron on BYJU'S.

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Symbol Origin: From the Latin word ferrum (iron) Uses: steel, hemoglobin (carries oxygen in blood) Obtained From: iron ores Related Links Note: The external links below are not a part of this site and their content is not the responsibility of this site. Steel Works; Information about the steel industry. The new Steel; More information about ...

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Iron is chemically active and forms two major series of chemical compounds, the bivalent iron (II), or ferrous, compounds and the trivalent iron (III), or ferric, compounds. Applications. Iron is the most used of all the metals, including 95 % of all the metal tonnage produced worldwide. Thanks to the combination of low cost and high strength ...

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Jun 27, 2019· Element Symbols and Names Below is an alphabetical list of element symbols with the corresponding element name. Keep in mind that the names for the elements (and their symbols) may be different in languages other than English.

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The image is of the alchemical symbol for iron. The symbol is shown against a rusty mild steel plate. Appearance. A shiny, greyish metal that rusts in damp air. Uses. Iron is an enigma – it rusts easily, yet it is the most important of all metals. 90% of all metal that is refined today is iron. ... Kary Mullis telling the story of iron, the ...

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Iron is a metallic chemical element that is very common in our planet. It has many uses in different industries and even in the human body. Iron has a chemical symbol of Fe. It is in a category of transition elements and is rarely found in pure form. Iron gets oxidized when it comes in contact with atmospheric oxygen.

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From the Anglo-Saxon word iron. Iron's chemical symbol comes from the Latin word for iron, ferrum. Say what? Iron is pronounced as EYE-ern. History and Uses: Archaeological evidence suggests that people have been using iron for at least 5000 years.

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Dec 05, 2008· Best Answer: Iron is an element, not a compound, therefore does not have a chemical formula. It's Chemical symbol is Fe. However, Iron has several different oxidation forms that have differently charged atoms. Both Iron II, with a +2 charge, and Iron III, with a +3 charge, are common.